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Wouldn’t it be great if you could help your workforce by dialling down stress & anxiety, and dialling up energy & enthusiasm?

Yoga, meditation, breath work etc are often purely seen as physical exercise or spiritual practices but they are so much more than that, they’re actually highly effective mind, body and energy management tools, which can be accessed as easily online as in person.

Through our Zen Den wellbeing sessions we provide a variety of experiences to provide some balance to busy teams.

Whether you need a bespoke programme via zoom or in person sessions, our format can be adapted to suit your budget and the current lockdown restrictions! 

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Our vision is of workplaces where the wellbeing of teams is a strategic priority. We have proof that positive wellbeing increases the productivity of your team and we want to help energetic businesses become more profitable. We identify insights in your business and provide a wide range of professional services to meet your workplace wellbeing and team development needs, taking the time pressure away from you. Visit our website here for more information.


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"Mark and Emma have been running wellbeing sessions for our organisation during the whole of lockdown and it’s had a huge positive impact on our team. We have had a lot of feedback from staff on how beneficial they have found them.

There is a great variety in the sessions and their style creates such a safe, relaxed and calm environment which has really protected our mental health at such a critical time".

Emma Parley - Head of Operations and Events at WorldSkills UK


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