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Curator and practitioner

Mark has always been interested in the ability of music and sound to calm the mind. Inspired by a quote from the late DJ Andrew Weatherall who said ‘you’re never going to have that feeling of hearing a record for the first time again, but if you look into the eyes of someone who’s hearing it for the first time... it’s the next best feeling’, he’s keen to share the positive energy generated by our sessions with people who have not already encountered them.

Mark trained in Naad Yoga (the yoga of sound), runs sound meditation sessions under Tuned in Sound and is is the UK manager for GONG.  



Curator and practitioner

Emma has always been passionate about the power of movement and music both on the mind and body. Qualified as an Exercise to Music instructor in 2004, Emma then went on to create drum n bounce & dubstretch fitness in 2012. From drum n bounce you can expect a high energy and uplifting dance fitness class to drum & bass music, taught alongside signature choreography and custom made mixes. At the other end of the spectrum Emma also teaches Real Flow Yoga. Finding yoga was a happy accident, what followed was physical, emotional and mental strength to help get through the challenges life can present. She continues to learn and practice to be able to share the discipline in an accessible way with others. Emma has a strong self-care routine and enjoys providing nourishing spaces for others to explore and experience what techniques might work for them too. She also likes to party, as life after all is about finding balance.

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